Walk & Write Camino review

Group walking on the Camino

A group of like-minded travellers sharing stories and making memories on the Camino

Our Walk & Write tours aren’t just for writers – they are for anyone wanting to unlock their creativity and purpose. Led by author and journalist Stephanie Dale, these unique adventure writing tours offer a productive ‘time out’ from everyday life. Sue Gunningham joined the April 2018  Walk & Write Camino and put this blog post together for us about her experience.


A writer’s block of monumental proportions requires an innovative solution. Hence I found myself walking 4-5 hours a day along cobbled lanes and bush tracks that wound around century-old stone-cottages and farmhouses on Spain’s Camino track.

Wandering with my musings between moss-covered dry-stone walls reminiscent of the pathway to a fairy dell, and then on through forests with leafy arms lifted in prayer, offered a possible solution.

For eight days, under the watchful eye of author Stephanie Dale, I joined a small group of aspiring writers to walk the Pilgrim’s trail from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.

Mornings began with a workshop to focus us on ‘the story within’, to help us target the muse and encourage us to listen hard to the words our psyche was urging us to write.

I participated willingly, listened, breathed, walked and mused. And slowly, a crack appeared in my reticence, and my story began to emerge.

Each morning, walking pole in hand, my stride became more enthusiastic.

‘Buen Camino,’ I called out more sincerely to friendly pilgrims and villagers en route.

A four-hour walk followed by a couple of hours’ writing in a coffee shop or bar was exhilarating.

Then transportation to luxury accommodation – a magnificently restored centuries-old miller’s cottage, a nobleman’s house or a restored village hospital complete with chapel.  Each accommodation was more amazing than the last – four poster beds, open fires, sherry decanters, Spanish cakes and views of lush green rolling hills and stone bridges.

With each day my slumbering secrets awakened and by journey’s end I had scaled the walls of my writer’s block – my story was laid bare.

At the Pilgrim’s Mass held at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on the last day, having walked 118 kilometres, I sat smiling, renewed and joyful.

‘Este ce mi Camino’ – This is my Camino.

Sue Sue on Walk & Write Camino

Sue standing by the fireplace after a busy day of walking and writing workshops

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