Find Your Francigena: A quick guide to Via Francigena Walks


So, you want to walk the Francigena Way but aren’t sure where to start (quite literally)? Stretching more than a thousand kilometres from Canterbury in England to the Eternal City of Rome, few people have time to tackle the whole thing in one go. Use this quick guide to help you find the right Francigena walk for you in Italy or Switzerland.

Francigena Way maps

Find your Francigena Way walk in Switzerland or Italy


Saint Bernard Pass to Ivrea: Combine peaks, passes and castles in the stunning alpine region of the Aosta valley. Great for those who want a walk in the mountains.

Ivrea to Pavia:  Foodies will eat up this Francigena walk which traverses the Piedmont region and the Viverone lakes before arriving at the ancient cultural and artistic centre of Pavia.

Pavia to FidenzaThis exciting section combines history and culture in Pavia with stunning scenery as you traverse the agricultural plains dominated by the Po River, fantastic food and wine in the Emilia Romagna region and architecture in Fidenza.

Pontremoli to Lucca: Enjoy views of the Mediteranean and the Apuane Alps, learn about Carrara marble, visit the site of the Santa Anna massacre and discover Lucca. The last of the ‘major’ hills end here.

Walking in Tuscany

Hiking through classic Tuscan countryside on the Via Francigena

Best of Tuscany: This popular section traverses the spectacular quintessential landscapes of the Tuscan countryside and famous villages like Siena and San Gimignano, making it a great way of discovering the best of Tuscany in a week.

Lucca to Siena: History and architecture buffs will enjoy visiting this section’s fortified medieval villages, including San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and Siena and sampling wine from the Chianti wine region.

Southern Tuscany from Siena: This rewarding section starting in the beautiful city of Siena takes you through the classic Tuscan countryside dotted with wonderfully preserved hilltop villages like Montalcino, San Quirico and Vignoni Alto and the fascinating lunar-like landscape of the ‘Crete Senesi’.

Walker admiring Monteriggioni

Walker admiring Monteriggioni between Lucca and Siena

Orvieto to Rome: Walk on actual stones laid by the Romans on the Via Cassia, visit remnants of the mysterious Etruscan period and be delighted by the wonders of Rome.

Food Lover’s Francigena Way: Enjoy a cooking class, wine tastings and local gastronomic delights on this 10 day guided trip for ultimate foodies. Experience the highlights of the Francigena Way, including Parma, Florence and Rome.

The Full Francigena Way: For those with more time it’s possible to follow in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims throughout history and walk the whole Italian route from the Alps to Rome. Discover the route’s history and culture and experience sides of Italy that are missed by most travellers.


Lausanne to the Great St Bernard Pass: Starting in Lake Geneva, this breathtakingly beautiful section traverses UNESCO-listed vineyards, the Rhone Valley and the Swiss Alps to the historic St Bernard Pass. Only possible during European summer.

St Bernard Pass

Enjoy a night at the historic St Bernard on the border of Switzerland and Italy

Lausanne to Aosta: Walk the last section of the Francigena Way in Switzerland before crossing the Italian border and descending through fertile valleys to Aosta. Only possible during European summer.

The Full Francigena Way Switzerland: If you have the time, this new 13 day Self Guided walk starting from the French border has it all: Roman ruins, medieval towns, beautiful lakes, postcard perfect vineyards and the magnificent Swiss Alps.

Aigle in Switzerland on the Francigena Way

A fairytale castle in Aigle on the Via Francigena in Switzerland

Prefer cycling? Click here to find out more about cycling the Francigena Way.

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